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Lara Wagner

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Seismology, Tectonics

Wagner Office: 324 Mitchell Hall
Phone: (919) 966-4714
E-mail: wagner at unc.edu

Ph.D., University of Arizona (2005)

B.A., Columbia College, Columbia University (1996)

My research uses information contained in seismic waveforms to better understand tectonic processes. I'm interested both in the tectonics, and in the seismic methodologies we use to study them. In particular, I'm very interested in the tectonics surrounding convergent boudaries, past and present. To study these areas, I use seismic tomography to create 3-D images of the upper mantle. My Ph.D. research was focused on central Chile and Argentina where I used local earthquake travel time tomography to study this region of flat-slab subduction. My current research uses teleseismic data (both body waves and surface waves) to look at the upper mantle beneath Oregon in the area of the High Lava Plains. I'm developing a new methodology to jointly invert surface waves and teleseismic body waves to capitalize on their complementary strengths.

Graduate Students

Sara Hanson-Hedgecock
Abhash Kumar


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