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Daniel C. Bowman

Email: daniel.bowman at unc.edu
Office: Mitchell Hall 315

B.A., Geology, Macalaster, 2008

I am a doctoral candidate in geophysics specializing in infrasound, explosion phenomenology, volcanology, seismology, and signal processing. For the last two years, I have focused on developing a balloon-mounted infrasound recording system to examine acoustic signals in the stratosphere. Last year, the network successfully flew on the High Altitude Student Payload (HASP) initiative to an altitude of approximately 36 kilometers. This was the first stratospheric infrasound measurement in half a century. I also oversaw the deployment of seismoacoustic stations to collect data on a series of field-scale chemical blasts designed to mimic phreatomagmatic explosions on volcanoes. I developed and continue to maintain three software packages for the R programming language: rNOMADS (gather real time and archived weather model data from NOAA), hht (the Hilbert-Huang transform) and rFDSN (gather seismic data from online repositories).

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